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I love the magic and power of words.

I have wanted to be a fiction author for as long as I can remember. I took writing classes in high school and college and set my sights on becoming a writer someday. In the years that followed, I did many different writing jobs, none of which involved fiction.

After doing PR writing and grant writing, I started a satirical mom blog that shared the intricate details of my life as a mother in West Hartford, Connecticut. After ten years, the blog had readership at times of up to one million readers and was read daily by people all across the country. So many people messaged me and shared how important it was to have comic relief, during the trying days of motherhood. My fans encouraged me to keep writing and ultimately gave me the courage to branch out into beauty writing.

I ultimately became a contributing writer for PopSugar Beauty and Martha Stewart Weddings for many years as well as Spotlyte for Allergan. Some of my other work has been published in Scary Mommy, Today Show Parenting, and the Hartford Courant.

With all of that under my belt, I finally decided to go back to what I had initially dreamed of as a little girl. A couple of years ago I wrote my first fiction book, titled An Imperfect Plan, with friend and co-writer Krista Wells, under the pen name Addison McKnight which will be published in the spring of 2022 by Lake Union Publishing.

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